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Head of Mexico’s Central Bank Operations Is Leaving for BIS

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Agustín Carstens, general manager of the BIS – known. the former head of Mexico’s central bank, conceded that many of the world’s main central banks have closely examined the potential to transform.

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Consultative Council for the Americas. the Consultative Group of Directors of Operations (CGDO) fosters the exchange of views and analysis on financial market developments and central bank operations Each group is steered by senior officials of the CCA central banks, supported by BIS staff. The current CCA Chair is Julio Velarde, Governor of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

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As head of the central bank, he presided over Mexico’s recovery from the global financial crisis and helped keep inflation low in a country that had suffered a string of economic mishaps in.

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The V High-Level Seminar of Eurosystem and Latin American Central Banks, the Economic Research Division in the Central Bank of Chile for 12 years and was Chief.. financial crisis and recession, which grew out of many industrial countries'. independence in regime choice and policy design; provided operational.

Central bank independence is usually guaranteed by legislation and the institutional framework governing the bank’s relationship with elected officials, particularly the minister of finance. Central bank legislation will enshrine specific procedures for selecting and appointing the head of the central bank.

Carstens quits Mexican central bank to head BIS. Agustn Carstens, the widely respected governor of the Bank of Mexico, is quitting in July to head the Bank for International Settlements in a big blow to the country as it prepares for economic turbulence when Donald Trump becomes US president. Mr Carstens, 58,

Reuters’s Jason Lange: "The Federal Reserve is convening experts to discuss overhauling how the world’s most powerful central bank. is leaving as Trump confronts an increasingly hostile trade war.

We are in the first inning, but we are game on,” says Joseph Quinlan, head of. at the European Central Bank-just as deflationary forces begin to build and bonds there trade at negative interest.