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House committee subpoenas bank for financial records tied to Greitens nonprofit

The subpoena also asks the bank to turn over all records relating to a committee for a New Missouri Inc., which was created in late 2016 to raise money for Greitens’ inauguration. Both groups allowed Greitens’ team to raise anonymous donations from individuals and corporations.

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A nonprofit tied to former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens wants to stop the state’s ethics commission from getting some records. An attorney for A New Missouri filed the request.

Prosecutors also are examining whether foreigners unlawfully contributed to the committee. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan issued a subpoena last year seeking a wide range of financial records from ..

A judge had originally scheduled a Thursday hearing on whether to continue enforcing a House subpoena. The subpoena sought records from Greitens’ campaign and "A New Missouri," in light of the.

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Deutsche Bank, Capital One, the House Financial Services Committee and U.S. President Donald Trump, three of his children and the Trump Organization on Friday appealed a court order allowing Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp to hand their financial records over to Democratic lawmakers.

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Special house committee sues Greitens campaign, nonprofit over subpoenas. The special committee wants a judge to enforce two subpoenas to the Greitens campaign and a nonprofit associated with him. The committee wants information from Greitens for Missouri and A New Missouri, Inc. A New Missouri was created after Greitens was elected.

A nonprofit organization liked to former missouri governor eric greitens is trying to stop the state’s ethics commission from getting some financial information. An attorney for A New Missouri filed the request in the Cole County Court to quash a subpoena sent by the commission demanding records from Carrollton Bank, the institution that handled the.

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