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Recession ahead? Yes, but probably not soon

Maybe, but probably not. The assumption this makes is that when inflation hits, wages will be adjusted up to compensate. Most folks in the real world do not experience this and those who do generally see quite a bit of lag between rising costs and rising wages. I prefer being debt-free. But sometimes it can be advantageous to have debt.

Recession Ahead for U.S. Economy; These Two Indicators Say Yes By Michael Lombardi, MBA Published : June 17, 2015 Some very interesting news (or should I say warnings) to share with my readers.

Near term, that money you are saving for a down payment should be in a high-yield savings account. not stocks or even bonds. There is just too much risk (that is probably not being priced in the markets). If you are looking to use any monies in two years or less, it should be stored in a much more liquid, stable asset.

The chatter of a coming recession now is about a confluence of factors that many economists believe make a recession more likely than less, not necessarily in the immediate future, but within the.

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Is the Next Recession Coming Soon? Antonio Fats, INSEAD Professor of Economics | August 21, 2014. The current expansion is already longer than the average post-war business cycle. But what does the data tell us about the chances of an impending recession? Here is a thought experiment..

But they represent smaller pillars of the overall economy, and it’s too soon. late 2015. Probably not. Like many economists, Gregory Daco of Oxford Economics says investors are overreacting. Sure,

May 10 (Reuters) – The bond market is again pointing to fears of recession as the. but it is far too soon to see a meaningful impact from the trade war between the world’s two largest economies..

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Bottom Line: The business cycle is not dead. The future holds another recession. But many, many things have to start going wrong in fairly short order to bring about a recession in the next twelve months. It would probably have to be an extraordinary set of events outside of the typical business cycle dynamics.

A key recession indicator has started to flash red for the first time since 2007. Is that as scary as it sounds? And even if the yield curve remains inverted for 10 days or longer, recession is.