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Do condos appreciate as fast as single-family homes? Answer may surprise you

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Do luxury homes & condos appreciate faster than regular homes. – Yes, the luxury homes and condos appreciate faster than regular homes and condos. As, you can analyze the market and get the statistical information of the real estate sales. The market is growing in this field.

Do Condos Really Appreciate Slower Than Houses? Ever since I started in Tucson real estate in 2003 I have heard agents say that condos do not appreciate as well as houses. Just the other day I heard an agent in my office telling a client that they should not purchase a condo because it won’t appreciate.

Condo appreciation blows past single-family homes – and. – Condo sales in Dallas are outpacing single-family home sales. photo courtesy of Candy’s Dirt Ever since the recession, condos have suffered under the stigma of low and slow appreciation.

Do Houses Appreciate in Value? – Phil Pustejovsky – Do Houses Appreciate in Value? Lately the housing bubble and subsequent burst may have exhausted some, but the bulk of homeowners, investors (and the real estate agents that sold them those houses) are convinced that home values improve over the years.

Condos are Back – and Outpacing Single-Family Homes in. – Condos are Back – and Outpacing Single-Family Homes in Appreciation Increasing rents, limited inventory of low-value homes, and the popularity of urban life have prompted runaway condo-value.

Appreciation of condo values catching up to single-family. – Answer may surprise you. The standard answer has been: Of course single-family homes appreciate faster. They are what most Americans prefer to live in, so there’s stronger demand. They come with their own piece of land – and we all know that land is a crucial driver of value. Condos,

Are condos worth buying? | Yahoo Answers –  · Condos do gain equaty, just not as fast as homes. You own the condo so, what you do on the inside is up tp you. The outside may be all part of a owners assoc. To make sure of this you would need to ask for the bylaws of the assoc before you buy the condo. This would be wise no matter what so you know the rules of living there before you purchase.

 · Slow appreciation ; Buying a condo for investment is much more affordable than single-family homes and generally score higher rental income. However, with that said, condos often appreciate in value much slower than single-family homes. This is because you don’t own any land, which is a key factor to increase or appreciate a home’s value.

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