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Do starter homes still make financial sense?

"My wife and I are totally ignoring starter homes and looking into multifamily properties to owner occupy," Chang says. "In particular, we’re going big and shopping for a four-plex residence, since.

When buying a starter home, think about what you would do if. If you still have questions about the right path for you, take a step back and wait a while. Buying a home is one of the most.

Starter homes are a gamble. The alternatives: Save longer to buy a home with room to accommodate your life now and in a few years, or figure out a way to make that starter home work for the longer.

Though adjustable-rate mortgages have gotten a bad rap post-housing crisis, experts say they can actually make financial sense in certain situations. Though adjustable-rate mortgages have gotten a bad rap post housing crisis, experts say they can actually make financial sense in certain situations.

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OP, don’t get suckered into a 30 year mtg, they are financial death sentences. buy a starter home you can afford on a 15, 20 year max note. Yes, you will have a smaller home, yes it’s more expensive per month, but you will hit the financial jackpot if you do it.

Here are some reasons why a starter home isn’t always necessary anymore. It’s more affordable to buy a bigger house Mortgage rates have been rising, but these rates are still at historic lows.

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