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If you have overseas investments (New Zealand tax residents with overseas interests)

As an Australian resident you are taxed on your worldwide income, including your income from offshore bank accounts, interests in foreign entities, rent from overseas properties and selling overseas assets. If you have paid tax on this income in another country, you can claim a foreign income tax offset in Australia.

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Find out more about concessions if you have just arrived in New Zealand, or; the shares are subject to the foreign investment fund or controlled foreign company rules. dividends paid by overseas companies to transitional residents or non New Zealand tax residents are not taxable in New Zealand for the transitional period.

Tax Treatment of NZ Investment Property for Australian Tax Residents.. When you dispose of your New Zealand investments, any capital gains realised will be taxed in Australia if you are an Australian tax resident, as New Zealand do not currently tax capital gains.

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Overseas investors must get consent when New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Rules require them to and must keep the commitments they make when they apply for consent. What you need to do if you are selling New Zealand assets to overseas investors (non-residential)

You might find yourself a tax resident in New Zealand as well as somewhere else. In that case, if both countries tax their residents’ worldwide income, there is a possibility your income could be taxed twice. New Zealand minimises that possibility by providing credits for tax paid overseas on income that is also subject to New Zealand tax.

You became a tax resident in New Zealand on or after 1 April 2006, and you must not have been a New Zealand tax resident at any time in the past 10 years prior to your arrival date in New Zealand. This is a once in a lifetime exemption, you cannot extend your tax exemption or renew it after its expiry date.

You pay tax on interest and dividends you earn from bank accounts and investments you have in New Zealand. You also pay tax on income from overseas accounts and investments. This is resident withholding tax (RWT). Your payer (bank or fund manager) deducts rwt from your interest or dividend payment before they pay you. When you open an account.

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