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Millennial money: A leg up the ladder is welcome

It’s well known that Millennials – a.k.a. Generation Rent – are facing a huge uphill struggle to get onto the property ladder. Young people rank buying a home as being more important in life than marriage, children, or advancing in their careers. But they are increasingly pessimistic about ever being able to achieve that dream.

Putting down roots is important to many millennials but buying a home is a huge expense. With the student loan crisis, it is taking longer for millennials to save a down payment and purchase a home. However, this dream has not been put on the back burner. Many millennials are still working toward this dream. Millennials want work-life balance.

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To top that off, the single largest financial burden for many Millennials is their student debt. These immense personal debts, with no tangible assets to back them up, force Millennials to set aside vast portions of their paychecks towards loan repayment.

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The average millennial college graduate leaves school with nearly $40,000 in debt. And many incur much, much more!

According to some, millennials are the greatest generation – but to many, we are literally the worst. But every generation has evolved from the generation before them. We were shaped by their beliefs, ideas and teachings. It is not like we just showed up one day and decided to "ruin" everything.

Atlantic writers Conor Friedersdorf and Megan Garber declared the song to be the anthem of the millennial generation.. the disadvantaged with a leg up.. to climb up the ladder of opportunity.

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