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Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

Senate Democrats want to remind everyone that US elections are still at risk, and Congress could do more to protect them.. Don’t Regulate Facial Recognition.. Russians now own all your.

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A cogent and forceful argument for the government to regulate face-recognition technology was published on Friday-not by a legislator, pundit, or advocacy group, but by Microsoft. In a lengthy.

 · In addition to consumer data protections, the bill sets new regulations for facial recognition technology, requiring companies that make the software to.

Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer argues that the use of facial-recognition technology needs regulation. This will help put the public at ease and ensure that the technology is only.

Microsoft wants Congress to regulate facial recognition technology as. and we recognize a clear need for our own exercise of responsibility,

“In a free and open society, I have the right to know whether a company is collecting my personal data, why. for its facial recognition algorithm, allowing the company to identify users and target.

You don’t usually find companies asking for regulation on the technology that they’re developing, but Microsoft is doing just that. The company wants Congress to. laying out a plan to regulate.

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Microsoft urges lawmakers to regulate facial recognition technology. and their own employees for selling AI software, particularly for facial.

We believe Congress should create a bipartisan expert commission to assess the best way to regulate the use of facial recognition technology in the United States. This should build on recent work by academics and in the public and private sectors to assess these issues and to develop clearer ethical principles for this technology.

Microsoft Wants Rules for Facial Recognition-Just Not These. on two competing bills to regulate facial recognition.. the company issued its own call for new legislation on facial.

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